Brief introduction

Founded in 2004, Guangzhou ZEHM Functional Materials R&D Co., Ltd. focused on research and development of powder coating additives. Over the years, ZEHM has developed to be a leading manufacturer of matting agents in China. Now we serve customers and partners around the world.

ZEHM Philosophy






  • Vitality: Based on the safety, health and environment concerns to vigorously create and accumulate wealth
  • Integrity : Integrity is the soul of people, family, friends, government, business, and so on. Integrity is the best connection between ZEHM and Partners
  • Excellence: Providing excellent products and services to our customers
ZEHM History
Sept 2004 :Establishment of Guangzhou ZEHM
2005 :Start up of Matting Agents for Hybrid PE/Epoxy MatteX series
2006 :Start up of Matting Agents for PE/TGIC Mild-Matte A9
2011 :Certification of ISO 9001
2012 :Experimental Stage of Matting Agents for PE/HAA PriMat (Primid’s Matting Agent)